Starter SKU Pricing

All implementations include one Company/Currency, Financials, CRM and training for up to 5 users. Additional companies, countries, currencies and users must be scoped.

Starter None ~$9,188
Starter + Inventory Enable and provide training on the standard Inventory feature ~$13,125
Starter + Advanced Inventory Advanced Inventory ~$20,125
Starter + Work Orders and Assemblies Work Orders and Assemblies ~$18,375
Starter + Advanced Inventory and Work Orders and Assemblies Advanced Inventory, Work Orders ~$26,250
Starter + Projects Enable and provide training on the standard Projects feature ~$12,250
Starter + Advanced Projects Advanced Projects ~$14,000
Starter + Advanced Financials Advanced Financials ~$17,500

Engagement Process

The following describes the optimal engagement process when working with Allied Cloud. All information should be sent to, and scheduling coordinated with,

Initial outreach to Allied Cloud re the opportunity

  • If possible, do this before the Business Discussion
  • Include as much detail as possible when reaching out to us. Include the customer and contact name, address, business type and whether the prospect is pre- or post-validation/alignment.

Business Discussion

  • If you haven’t already had the Business Discussion, please invite us to that meeting. This can be a great pre-implementation scoping meeting for us and adds value to your sales process. If you have already had a Business Discussion, follow the next step.

KT with your SC

  • After your alignment, please schedule a Knowledge Transfer between us and your SC to ensure we any details we need for our implementation scoping call.

Implementation Scoping

  • After receiving updated customer requirements and details from your SC and you, we will schedule an implementation scoping call directly with the customer.

Pricing Meeting

  • We will provide you with our pricing estimate and a PowerPoint to use to cover the Implementation portion of the pricing call if you’d like to use it, and will walk the customer through the implementation estimate.