Humanitarian Aid

Organizations working around the world to reduce hunger, increase access to critical services, and improve the lives of those less fortunate are streamlining and improving efficiencies with NetSuite and the OneWorld platform.

NetSuite Uses: Financials, Inventory, Grant Tracking, Fund Raising, Flour Mill Monitoring
Migrated From: Quickbooks
Location: USA, Tanzania, Zimbabwe

Project Healthy Children (PHC) aims to reduce micro-nutrient deficiencies by providing assistance to countries as they design and implement food fortification programs. The majority of programs that PHC works on are large-scale, national programs, where PHC works with a nation’s government to help it pass and enforce laws mandating micro-nutrient fortification, among other activities. PHC has also started a small-scale fortification initiative to reach people in rural and remote areas, who may not have access to centrally processed foods.

NetSuite Uses: Financials, Fund Tracking, Client/Application Tracking, Data Analysis
Migrated From: Aplos
Location: USA, Worldwide

The Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. is a 501c(3) charity created to design and operate multiple employer-sponsored disaster relief and employee hardship funds. These funds allow domestic and international employers and employees to help their coworkers in times of crises.

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NetSuite Use:  Financials
Migrated From:  Quickbooks
Locations: United States; Africa

Nuru International ends extreme poverty in remote, rural areas by equipping local leaders with the tools and knowledge to build self-sustaining, self-scaling impact programs to lift their communities out of extreme poverty within seven years.

NetSuite Use:  Financials, Fund Raising, Child Sponsorships
Migrated From:  Quickbooks, eTapestry
Locations: United States, Africa, India, Nepal

Forgotten Children Worldwide safeguards orphans and vulnerable children from poverty, abandonment, and the evils of human trafficking. We introduce the fatherless to their Heavenly Father who is crazy about them.

NetSuite Use:  Multi-national financials; international office management
Migrated From:  Quickbooks, Salesforce
Locations: United States, Latin America, Africa, Asia

Asylum Access is an innovative international nonprofit dedicated to making refugee rights a reality. Asylum Access empowers refugees in Africa, Asia and Latin America to live safely, work, send children to school and rebuild their lives.

NetSuite Use: Financials, Grant Reporting, Board Reporting
Migrated From: Quickbooks
Locations: United States; Vietnam; Cambodia

The Golden West Humanitarian Foundation is a United States based, non-profit charity dedicated to the development of innovative, appropriate technologies to overcome the operational limitations encountered by the humanitarian mine action community. Golden West personnel are highly qualified to effectively improve the operational efficacy of the organizations working to rid the planet of the deadly Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).

NetSuite Uses: Financials, Grant Tracking, Project Tracking
Location: USA, Asia

Asia Catalyst promotes the rights of marginalized communities by supporting a vibrant network of advocates committed to ending stigma, discrimination, and criminalization. They strengthen civil society by providing training and resources for community based organizations to become more effective and responsive to community needs, and to conduct rigorous human rights documentation and advocacy.

NetSuite Uses: Financials, Grant Tracking, Project Tracking, Cash Tracking
Migrated From: Quickbooks Online
Location: USA, Africa

Spark enables communities to drive their own development by helping them generate and implement their own solutions to the problems they face. Unlike microfinance that provides small loans for businesses, we provide small grants to fuel social impact.

NetSuite Uses: Humanitarian relief management
Location: Ohio, USA, Middle East

The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund’s mission is to provide medical and humanitarian relief collectively and individually to Arab children throughout the Levant, regardless of their nationality, politics or religion.