NetSuite’s cloud-based platform provides all the tools necessary to scale your manufacturing, retail and sales operation from local to global. Our customers vary from organizations making and selling jewelry worldwide, to local breweries making tasty microbrews. Allied Cloud specializes in helping manufacturers migrate to NetSuite.

Manufacturing Space: Food and Beverage
NetSuite Use:  Financials, Sales, Integration with SPS Commerce
Migrated From:  Quickbooks
Locations: United States, Africa

Kuli Kuli’s mission is to improve nutrition and livelihoods worldwide through moringa. Their vision is to work with women-led farming cooperatives all over the world to drive economic growth, women’s empowerment and sustainable agricultural development. They are creating a world where everyone has the resources and knowledge to access the nutritional power of moringa. By rejuvenating moringa as a tool for nutritional security, they hope a new generation will imagine a world without hunger.

Manufacturing Space: Food
NetSuite Use:  Financials, Distribution
Migrated From:  Quickbooks
Locations: New York City

Rethink Food transforms unused food from grocery stores, restaurants, and farmers’ markets into meals that are delivered to local agencies in New York City; serving those in need. With the initiative to run a community kitchen, our top chefs can both serve their community while developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills to help students establish an education that they will carry with them into future careers. Rethink Food NYC Inc goes beyond meals by using food as the tool to promote poverty solutions, participate in nutrition education, and convene food policy events.

Manufacturing Space: Educational Products
NetSuite Use:  Financials, Sales, Integration with Drupal for eCommerce
Migrated From:  Quickbooks
Locations: United States

Kid Spark Education is a nonprofit organization working with educators to provide fun, hands-on engineering education programs that help all children, especially children from underrepresented communities, develop STEM identity and technology fluency.

Manufacturing Space: Audio Equipment
NetSuite Use:  Financials, Distribution, eCommerce
Migrated From:  Quickbooks
Locations: United States

Audioengine’s core products are powered speakers; all-in-one music systems which allow you to connect all your devices wirelessly (or wired) for great stereo sound.  They started with just one powered speaker, the A5;  simple and beautiful, yet versatile enough to be used in your workspace as computer speakers, on stands in your living room, or in a home theater setup.

Manufacturing Space: Medical Devices
NetSuite Use:  Financials, Sales
Migrated From:  Quickbooks
Locations: United States

Ronin Surgical manufactures and sells the innovative X5 surgical headlight.