NetSuite for Business

The NetSuite platform offers businesses operating in a variety of business types with the ability to merge their systems into one, eliminating the need to track accounting, time, projects and other business requirements in separate systems.

Features for General Business

Whether your business provides products or services, the unified NetSuite platform provides:

360 Degree View of Your Business

With NetSuite, you get a 360-degree view of each customer so that you can deliver personalized service, build customer loyalty and provide a relevant, engaging shopping experience with your brand. Give the appropriate people in your organization real-time visibility into sales, inventory and customers across all channels, facilitating better decision-making.

  • Invoice and expense data flows to the finance department
  • Customer data flows to the marketing department.
  • See customer purchase history and communications
  • Provide personalized marketing based on purchase history or demographics


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Consolidated reporting for multi-company entities
  • Multi-currency
  • Automated allocations
  • Project tracking and invoicing
  • Time and item invoicing
  • Unlimited GL accounts, sub-accounts and reporting segments
  • Simple period-close process
  • Lead tracking and forecasting


  • Create and execute highly targeted, personalized email campaigns
  • Manage paid and online search and affiliate marketing
  • See revenues and understand ROI for all campaigns in real-time
  • Automated upsell and cross-sell functionality online and in-store
  • Offer promotions such as multiple discounting options, volume pricing and customer-specific discounts
  • Manage customer relationships, quotes/estimates, forecasting, email communication and more


Mange your business with key metrics and make timely, fact-based decisions with dashboard analytics ranging from inventory and sales reports to expenses and marketing campaign ROI. All statistics can be viewed as key performance indicators(KPIs), graphical report snapshots and trend graphs in real-time.


Using the SuiteSuccess implementation methodology, our experienced team will work with yours to ensure a seamless transition from your current financial system and others to NetSuite. Using a combination of weekly check-ins, personalization sessions, data migration strategies and training, Allied Cloud will ensure a successful migration. Implementation generally involves:

  • Kick-off: the initial meeting with your team where we describe the timeline, processes involved and what to expect in detail. We’ll determine who among your team members should attend meetings based on content to be delivered and provide an introduction to our project tracking platform.
  • Personalization: we’ll work with you to ensure your NetSuite account is configured and tailored to your specific business. Together with you, we’ll add your company information, set accounting and other preferences, customize forms, and review all data and order entry processes.
  • Data Migration: with a core set of templates, we will work together to export data such as you Chart of Accounts, Customers, Vendors and Items from your current system, prepare import files, import the data into NetSuite and further refine
  • Training: your team members will be trained in their specific job functions, such as sales, accounting, warehouse management, inventory management and others.
  • Roles: we’ll configure a set of core roles and permissions, and provide training to your Administrator so they know how to add and change user roles and permissions.
  • Development and/or Integration: if you are building a new ecommerce store in NetSuite, our team will help configure and set up the store. If you are integrating or need a third-party system, we’ll provide the tools and resources necessary for development and integration.
  • Go Live: our team will work with yours to successfully bring NetSuite live as your system of record for financials, inventory, in-store and online sales, and other features as needed.

As a Shopify and FarApp partner, Allied Cloud will help build or integrate your Shopify store and Point-of-Sale using a qualified and tested connector offered by FarApp.