Engagement Type

With few exceptions, such as when Oracle Financing is required, we are exclusively Time and Materials. Our current hourly rate is $200, with discounts of up to 15% for GB and Mid-Market, and a standard discount of 20% applied for nonprofits.


We will implement any SKU other than Hotels. The most common SKU we implement is Financials First, followed by Manufacturing. For nonprofits, we primarily implement the Social Impact Standard SKU.

Pricing Scenarios

Our implementations average about $25K. Larger companies or organizations will tend to average closer to $35K. Our highest implementation was over $100K for a complex, multi-entity company, while our lowest implementation would be $10K for a single-entity company or organization for financials only and minimal data.


The following provides additional detail around the scenarios where we will ask for a scoping meeting separate from demos or alignments:

  • Multiple Subsidiaries
  • Data from multiple sources
  • Historical transactions
  • Complex billing or revenue recognition
  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced Projects
  • Warehouse Management
  • Fund Accounting


Once we’re comfortable with the scope, we will provide an estimate to you, and then review the estimate on the Pricing call with the prospect.


Allied Cloud has implemented NetSuite for businesses operating in multiple vertical markets, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Solar
  • Real Estate
  • Nonprofit
  • Biotech
  • Services, including field service
  • Property Management
  • Financial Services


We partner with the following companies:

  • PayStand
  • NextService
  • MindStream (NSPB)
  • Avalara
  • Celigo