The pairing of NetSuite Cloud ERP and Allied Cloud’s industry expertise helps real estate brokerages save time, gain efficiencies, and keep more of their hard-earned dollars.

Features for Real Estate

Running a successful real estate brokerage comes with many challenges. Whether it’s a single office operation, a regional brokerage, or a multinational franchise, the daily challenges include working with budget constraints, managing a workforce of independent contractors, fending off competition from non-traditional markets, and staying solvent in fluctuating market conditions. These are just a handful of the top impediments that today’s real estate brokerages face every day.

Robust Technology for Growing Real Estate Brokerages

It is paramount to success and growth that real estate companies use robust, relevant technology tools that streamline their workflows and support their core missions of putting the dream of homeownership within reach of as many people as possible. Ensuring team members don’t get in their own way and can focus on what they do best, closing more deals. While the independent agents that buy and sell homes in exchange for commission often control their destinies on the financial front, brokerages aren’t exactly known for getting rich off the brand recognition, backend processes, and other support structures provided for those agents.


  • Agent Access – agents log in and add their sales information, including all expenses, and track commissions and reports.
  • Commissions – commissions are calculated real-time and include all expenses, referrals, and a variety of broker/agent fee, cap, and split structures. Checks are created or EFTs sent with the push of a button.
  • Reporting – more than 150 reports including production, sales, commissions, and all business financials.
  • Scalability – there are no limits to the number of agents or agencies you can manage in a single NetSuite instance.
  • 1099 Processing – 1099 data is captured and tracked real-time. At the beginning of the year, agents can access accurate 1099s, which can also be batch-printed and mailed.
  • Document Storage – attach all of your business documents such as contracts, forms and others, all associated with individuals property sales.
  • Financial Management – NetSuite is a full ERP system providing all of the capabilities you need for accounting, bookkeeping, banking, sales, marketing, ecommerce and more.

1099 Tracking and Reporting

Our solution includes full 1099 tracking capabilities. All vendor expenses are automatically coded


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Agent Center

Once in place, the combined solution expands NetSuite’s functionality beyond bills and purchase orders and allows Agents to interact with data in both view and edit modes. The system also includes various permission levels for different user types, giving managing and associate brokers the team visibility, they need to be able to make good decisions.

Instant Access to Data

All of the data that anyone could want to review is live in NetSuite 24/7. This is a huge plus for brokers and agents who no longer have to request information from each other, and then for those requests to be delivered via an Excel spreadsheet. Instead, they can log into NetSuite every time they want to view company performance, assess opportunities and deals, and make expansion decisions.

Agent Reporting

Agency Reports

In addition to the reports available to Agents in the Agent Center, the system comes with more than 250 standard and customized reports for finance, deal tracking, commission tracking, expenses and more. The following is a brief example of the reports included:


  • Lead Production
  • Lead Potential
  • Broker Referral Performance
  • Pipeline and Forecasting

Deal Summary

  • Transaction Closing
  • Commission Summary
  • Mortgage Statistics
  • Deals by Office, State and Agent

Agent Commissions

  • Transactions/Commissions Pending
  • All Deal Expenses including Commissions
  • Pending Transactions by Month
  • Agent Performance Summary

Deal Reports

  • Transaction Closing
  • Days Open KPI and Trends
  • Commission Summary
  • Mortgage Statistics


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Banking
  • Comparative P&L
  • Consolidated financials for multiple legal entities
  • Sales by City/Region
  • Sales by Agent
  • P&L By Sale
  • Budget by Office/Department